Whether you want to do business with Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, are planning a trip or simply want to learn more about the archipelago, we hope that you will find the following information and references useful. These pages first and foremost present a brief profile for businesses and public agencies interested in collaboration or business opportunities in the archipelago, or in the economic development of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.


Stéphane ArtanoForeword from the President

An undeniable prerequisite to the development of the Islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is a willingness to look beyond our borders and engage on the global scene. This has been a priority of the Territorial Council, and we do everything we can to support it.

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon has the distinct advantage of being the only French Territory with links to Europe yet embedded in North America.  Our archipelago is thus positioned as a gateway, to facilitate trade between the two continents.

Our team is developing a new taxation regime - which will soon be in place -, with a view to encourage businesses to consider the islands as a location of choice. In addition, the Territorial Council and its main partners have just adopted a strategic development plan for the territory, for the 2010-2030 timeframe. This plan sets out the main economic, social and cultural orientations to support the development of the archipelago.  It is a tool intended to help us build a sustainable future, in close collaboration with both the local population and the French Republic, in a proactive and participatory manner, to set a new course for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. Major economic development initiatives related to this plan are already under way, namely: a business centre, an underwater digital cable for high speed access, the improvement of port infrastructure, and the purchase of a ferry for passengers and goods between Saint-Pierre, Miquelon and Fortune (Newfoundland).

I am particularly happy to share with you this profile which, I hope, will meet your expectations and provide the necessary information to support collaboration and economic development ventures with Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. It is designed to provide a picture of our archipelago - where North America and the European Union meet -, its population, its businesses, its infrastructure, banking system, regulatory and taxation regimes, as well as its economic and cultural vitality.

I trust you will find this useful.

Stéphane ARTANO
President of the Territorial Council

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